The Band

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Destiny changes.

A tale of vision, determination and the neverending fight for freedom.

The music

Ages ago, we succumbed to the lure of heavy metal. There is something pure and primal about the rumble of drums, bass and guitars, something that channels a tremendous amount of raw energy directly into your very soul. Heavy music became our passion and we became a part of it. Furthermore, we also loved the majesty of the symphonic orchestra, its endless palette of emotions and the ability to tell a compelling story without uttering a single word.

This combination of heavy metal foundation and orchestra became the staple of our music.

Yet there is another characteristic aspect of our creations: Deep roots in folk music. Bohemia, with its enthralling history and spellbinding lands, is a home to the bards and old music practitioners who formed us in our childhood days. Therefore, we are always more than happy to weave some threads of historic instruments into our fairly contemporary sound canvas. And even though we get often caught in the vain pursuit of grandeur, a voice and a guitar is sometimes more than enough to tell the story. Our songs are meant both for campfires and royal halls.

Being fascinated by epic fantasy and not having the means to hire a mercenary orchestra nor a band of authentic minstrels, it made perfect sense to go on a quest of getting the best medieval-ish sound using all the available perks of 21st century technology, so we sealed an unholy pact with evil machines to get what we want.

Anything for the ability to tell you a story of high adventure!

The theme

Destiny changes. Our creed. And not more than just a mere observation of legends and fairytales. The hero characters get beaten over and over, but they refuse to let it go. They are told where they belong and what their destiny is, but they refuse to obey. And so they stand their ground and change the destiny by the sheer power of their free will. And, by walking that path of struggle, they are being changed, too. And we all love these stories.

In real life, however, we often play the mask game. We show our fake faces to the world, because we are too afraid to reveal our true selves. We no longer remember the tales and we let others decide our fates. And so we wait for that little spark of inspiration to rekindle the flame. And music can be such a good messenger.

A lot of the characters in our songs strive to change their destiny. Some succeed, while others don’t. Some want to be free, some want to enslave. We write about liberation and oppression, hope and despair, virtue and iniquity. And we look up to our favourite stories for shards of inspiration. Books, movies, D&D sessions? Anything will do.

When you try really hard to come up with a catchy tune, you never know when inspiration will hit you next: Will you pull out your notebook in the middle of a public ceremony? Hum a melody to your phone while sitting on a toilet? Wake up in the middle of the night just to scribble some notes? This happens, and for this very reason, you never truly know what the next theme will be – as long as it will be epic and fun to play. Always be prepared for surprises.

In some rare cases, there is no inspiration whatsoever. Just pure greed. Like when we were offered a custom-built siege weapon in exchange for making a song about catapults. We tried to resist this dark temptation…but we WILL have our weapon of war in the end!

The name

We chose Falcon as our spirit animal and the band’s name is derived from it. It’s the embodiment of determination, freedom and vision. High in the sky flies the true master of destiny, hunting its prey with impeccable focus, speed and precision. Observing the world from high above, flying free and thinking ahead, ready to dive and seize its prize. But it can also be a symbol of slavery. Trained by falconers as a mere tool with a demeaning hood put over its head, forced into obedience, killing on command with a bell around its leg as a cruel mockery to its grace and subtlety. But is this semblance of life really worth it?

The eyes of Falcar watch over you from our battle standards. The centerpiece of our sigil is the eye itself. It portrays the inner fire of vision, focus and raw ambition. The pronounced eyebrows are here to represent both wisdom and foresight. And then there are the razor-sharp claws to display ferocity and power.

The band

Well, this is our merry company – our very own band! On the left, we have Roman – a ferocious berserker drummer. His specialization is hitting and smashing things. He also sets up the pace and keeps everyone on track. Moreover, he’s the only one that can count to more than four! In the middle humps Marty, our squealer, axeman and note scribbler. He is a spawn of chaos and has a knack for surprises and sudden changes in everything. And, finally, on the right side stands Davey – the deep rumbling string punisher. He represents the band’s harmonic foundation and binds us all in the darkness like The One Ring.