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Greetings, mortal!

We are Falcar. We are the heavy metal symphony from the ancient and crumbling lands of Bohemia. We love fantasy and the medieval era and we strive to mingle roaring guitars with an orchestra. And if we manage to smuggle some period instruments into this mess, all the better!

We have lately released our first album I am Your Destiny. If you want to buy a CD, you’ve come to the right place! You can order it right here. Naturally, we are on all the major streaming platforms, so check out the top bar to see if you’re favourite service is on the list (it probably is).

The FalcarNet also provides you with valuable resources like song lyrics, links and various stories about our endeavours and enterprises.

There might even be an opportunity for you to seeing us live! There’s a dedicated section to our crusades that’s worth checking out.