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    Album order

    Important info

    CD / Flash Price: 500 CZK / 20€ + shipping

    CD: The CD’s are already out, awaiting your order.
    CD delivery format: Full-colour digipack with illustrated 24 pages booklet.
    Take a look below to see how they look like!

    Flash drives: In the making, if you’re interested, send us and e-mail and you’ll be the first one to know when they arrive.

    Vinyl: This is a great undertaking for us as the manufacturing costs are pretty high. So be prepared to stay in the waiting list for a while. We’ll let you know once there’s enough of you crazy vintage-seekers to go all-in with these old school beauties.

    CD version – a closer look

    A thing of immaculate beauty! Stunning depictions of our songs by the master illustrator Pavel Kunc. 24 pages booklet full of song lyrics and imagery and a shiny little disc containing 10 pieces of heavy metal composed, produced and recorded by yours trulies. Brave 300 copies in the first batch – be sure to get yours soon!