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Post has published by Marty

We’re looking for a lead shredder with axe weapons proficiency. You will be chopping tasty riffs and decapitating imaginary dragons and real princesses with cutting-edge solos.

Our sanctuary is located in Prague and we perform ritual preparations there on a weekly basis. Before covid, we were weekend warriors playing shows mostly Fridays/Saturdays and we’ll most probably return to this model – at least until we get some more permanent booking, so be prepared it would take some toll on your precious little free time. This plague has shown, that a band not playing shows is only half alive.

Our work model is fairly easy – we do the drills at home and rehearsals are mainly for syncing, new songs and jamming. Guitar recordings happen in spare time in a small home studio right next to Prague to save coin, if you can record yourself, all the better! If you can sing, it’s almost perfect! The only thing remaining is that you have to be the right kind of personality to make a match with our bunch of psychos.

Some basic habits are expected from you, however. Please watch grandma Glenn’s video about how not to suck at band rehearsals prior to sending your nukes.



If you deem yourself worthy, send us a video of you playing. If you want to go the extra mile, here’s a link to the guitar part of Death on Black Wings. If you find next to zero challenge in terms of guitar technique, don’t worry, we can write harder stuff later on to keep you challenged. But it should give you a brief overview of what is required.
Note: GuitarPro5 or higher required. Possibly also works on TuxGuitar.

Download TAB

Next steps: We’ll invite you over, play something from our repertoire together and definitely run some freeride jam to test how it all blends – and then grab a beer or two to contemplate our possible future endeavours.

And that’s basically it. We won’t delay you further. Here’s the application form. Good luck and see you on stage very soon!

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