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VolumeMax Fest III

Hi everyone,

we were invited to rock at VolumeMax Fest III and it’s gonna be some great fun. We haven’t played at Modrá Vopice since 2011 and we’re looking forward to it.  Our good friends Wolfarian will perform there to. It’s in the middle of the working week and they have to drive all the way from Brno, so we’ll be the first opening act for this fest.

Let’s take a brief look the rest of the bands.


This band from Germany managed to bridge old-school prog-rock and modern progressive metal. It’s technical, well arranged and…well, there’s even a more important fact: Their music is supposed to be vibrant and full of passion. No, we’re not trying to do the marketing for them, this stuff is actually pirated from their website 😉 We don’t know them personally yet, but seeing them play live sounds like an amazing experience.

Dying Passion

The hosts of this fest who are at this moment touring Europe side by side with Dante. They used to be called doom metal, but now it seems that more and more people are now thinking of them as a progressive band.  By hook or by crook, they try hard and are getting more and more attention, which is really a big inspiration for us all. Besides, their singer has a wonderful voice. Check that by yourself now.


We’re pretty sure you already know those guys, since they played with us in April this year. For those not so familiar with them, you just need to know that they’re a really huge band. And by huge, we mean HUGE. There’s eight of them and they don’t kill each other which is totally amazing. And they have a beautiful singer, a terryfying growler, not to mention flute and violin. For those of you who are into folk stuff, looking for something fresh, this is a good band to take a look at.

If you’re trying to catch our show, arrive soon. As we’ve already written, we play the opening act and start playing precisely at half past six. No delay this time, because there are three more bands playing after us. But we’ll have plenty of time after the show if you want to hang out and share a beer or two with us.

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