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Supporting Theocracy!

As I foretold yesterday, a new gig is ahead. And it’s gonna be a huge one indeed!

Our good friend and dedicated supporter Aleš is accused of saying a word or two to the local promoter Ivan and, long story short, we’ll be playing support to no one smaller than the american power metal legend Theocracy! Apparently, they were looking for local support band playing similar genre and we’re proud to be chosen to perform this task.

The show will take place at Exit-us, Prague on November 6 (Sunday). You can read more about the event on the official Facebook page .

If by chance you’re not yet a fan of Theocracy, consider visiting their website and try to hear a couple of songs on their YouTube.

By the way, they just published a new lyrics video today! Check it out below.

Also, the Slovak band Within Silence are touring across Europe with Theocracy right now and they will perform in Exit-us as well. I guess it will be a tough evening, hope you’ll all make it. Sunday is a day perfect for some excessive headbanging.



p.s. What do you think of the recent Rhapsody split-up? Give me a comment if you dare.

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