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Here, in the deep dark woods of the Czech Republic, we have a tradition of celebrating the day of Saint Nicholas. St.Nick is an old man with long beard and a golden crotch dressed in red robes.  He wanders the streets on that special day, accompanied by two fellows; an angel and a devil. Together they visit families with young kids and scare them to death. Children who behaved good are rewarded with sweets. Those who didn’t get only coal or might as well be taken by the devil.

St.Nick Party - Official PosterWhat a great opportunity for a party! We invited our friends, Barruth and Harpie, to perform with us in Poldofka, Kladno on 6th December. Each fan who comes in a costume or wears accessories somehow related to the St.Nick tradition gets a special discount. If this motivation tool works, the crowd will be full of masked people, which sounds like so much fun. And after all three bands finish their sets, there will be a metalotheque going on until morning.

If you want to hang out with us soon, this is the party you don’t wanna miss. It’s the last chance to see us live this year.

But don’t worry, we’ll come back in January. Enjoy the latest Barruth video on YouTube, check out our cool poster and, if you’re interested, add yourself to our event on Facebook.


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