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Spring, the Bringer of More Falcar Shows

Welcome again, friends.

Spring is nearly here and we are proud to say that our strive towards the first album proceeds well. We have polished most of the orchestral tracks and even took some first bass takes. While Davey was working hard to do some  recording, Marty spend most of the month on a journey to far East. Now that everyone’s back, the hard recording work shall strike us with full force.  We decided not to spend energy on orchestrating our own shows, but we somehow appeared on (at this moment) four concert posters. Guess the spring season won’t be that “showless” as we originally thought 🙂 

For those of us who want to see our savage symphony live, write down some of the following dates:

ShowsLinks to individual events can be found in the shows sections of FalcarNet.

Be seeing you!

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