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Prague Again!

The release of The Metal Crusade single is gonna be pretty damn soon…well, after all the bloody work will have been completed, of course.

Anyway, there will be shows in Autumn and here’s the first of them. Behold!

You do remember Artaius, right? A band consisting of seven insane Italians playing folk metal with some progressive and modern influences. Yeah, we played with them in May last year along with VallorcH. Believe it or not, our friend Patrik Chrastil even took pictures of the show (you may find them here).

Well, they tour again – with another band from Italy – a bunch of folk metalists called Dusius. And they asked us if we’d invite them to perform in Prague once again. So we booked our beloved club – Kain – and we wish to invite you all for the first Falcar show after summer holiday. Some facts about the concert:

The show starts at 8 p.m.
Falcar will start the show, so please do come early! We beg you.
Dusius will come after us and Artaius will close the evening after midnight.

Don’t forget to check out those two bands, they’re awesome and we’re really happy to have such a great company.

If you’re lazy and you don’t want to waste your precious time searching, watch the videos and taste their metal!

It’s gonna be an epic event indeed. Spread the word to all Keepers you know. Get your necks in shape and prepare for some fierce headbanging. See you all in September. At last! We’re getting really sick of being locked in the rehearsal room. Evil powers dwell in that place and all they want is to escape and spread chaos all over the land. Let us help them the best we can!

Artaius, Falcar, Dusius - September 19 Kain Prague - Official poster

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