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Polishing the Arms

Hi guys,

just wanted to tell you that we’re not slacking at Falcar.  Au contraire!

Well, Roman is on a trip to Slovakia to visit his relatives and Patrik has some important business, too, so we had to skip our rehearsal today, but anyway…

We presented our two new music videos to all Keepers lucky enough to take a role as an actor in one of the shootings last Monday. It took place in Elysium, a great pub all the LARP guys from Prague and beyond are meeting in every evening. The atmosphere was great and we all had a good time. Since the screening passed in total darkness, there’s not much to share with the rest.

Anyway, thanks to general reactions at the screening we’re no longer afraid to release the single. Conversely, we’re looking forward to do so even more! The big thing is going to happen during October. There’s been some delay with song registration to the authorities and we don’t want to launch global distribution without having our own IRSC codes. But we keep ourselves busy in the meantime.

The stuff we’re working on

Right now Davey is in his room recording some bass tracks for our first album. I just finished refurbishing orchestral samples for Death on Black wings and I am now ready to polish Jester’s samples. Mentioning the orchestral tracks, I want to give you an impression of what the final sound on the album might look like, so here’s an excerpt of Death on Black Wings.

As you hear, it’s just the orchestra, no Davey, Patrik, Roman or myself involved. For this particular track I experimented with a new choir I had just recently bought: Wotan by Strezov Sampling. It’s one of the biggest sounding male choir on the market and I’m particularly pleased with it so far.

So that’s what’s been going on lately. More news will follow. I just got a call from a local promoter, so we might be supporting a big name in November. Stay tuned!




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