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One Tribe Night Impressions

One Tribe Night by Michaela Hermanova The crowd at One Tribe Night. Courtesy of Michaela Hermanová Photography

Last Saturday, we played an immense show in the heart of Brno. The event was held by the goblin tribe Snaga and we must admit that they managed it to be really impressive! Upon entering the venue, two goblin mannequins clad in full armour were guarding a subtle guy, who was checking our tickets. The merch table was full of boar tusks, wood and metal and the stage was decorated by a pair of beautiful totems made of animal skulls and other epic stuff, each placed on one side of the scene.

The Tribe’s Brothers in Arms

The bands were equally formidable. We had the honour to see Emerald Shine live for the very first time and we’re glad to invite them to our realm in June. They even had the guts to perform the ending of Jester’s Mask with us – now that was some serious fun, right? Of course, Wolfarian once again exceeded our expectations and rocked even wilder than last time. Carry on, guys, you’re doing great! It’s been a while since we’ve last seen Alia Tempora and we were surprised by how dramatically they have improved and how professional they sound now. We have much to learn from them on that regard.

Getting to our show…we simply felt amazing. We were determined to give you our best and were shocked to see that you were giving back even more. Each of our yells reverberated in a mighty shout of the crowd. About brave two hundred stood in the club, shouting like a single man. Bravo! You gave us the energy to stay wild and play hard until the end of the set. It’s true that Patrik almost fainted backstage after the end of the show due to his recent sickness and lack of energy. It was no big surprise, for he spent all his reserves being mad onstage. But you simply can’t take things easy in front of a crowd like this. For us, it was one of the best shows we ever had and we hope you enjoyed it as well.

Unfortunately, there’s possibly no video footage featuring Falcar from this event. We tried to mount our GoPro on one of our banners, but Marty proved hopeless at controlling three simple buttons. All he managed was to take a picture of his hand. We had a backup camera from Alia Tempora, but we put the other banner in front of it, so there’s nothing to be seen as well. Drat! Anyway, several photo reports have been published, so feel free to browse and tag yourself. So far we are aware of galleries by Obrjen on obrjen.com , Michaela Hermanová on partybrno.cz and Martin Kusyn on partybrno.cz.

We’re in press. Rejoice!

Moreover, we were given a review by one of Musicweb.cz best journalists, Annie Žáková. You may read the full review under this link. If you’re not good in Czech, we’re gonna sum it up to you in our own words. It says that we’re a bunch of quiet guys who can’t even play their our instruments. Our music is a combination of everything that is bad in heavy metal. Yet, despite all expectations, it all fits together somehow, unleashing hell onstage as a result. Annie ends our part of the review saying that for some perverse reason she started to fancy us. Now that’s some great news, welcome aboard! We’ll try to learn how to play to make you happy in the future, we promise.

Update: Yet another press review has been found at Orbis Metallum. Seems like we were able to persuade almost everyone in the hall that our songs are all about goblins. We’re really glad that our little prank had such a big audience and you all fell for it. Sorry to inform you guys that our connection to goblins is nothing more than pure exaggeration.

There is another report from the chief promoter Ctibor on the One Tribe web, feel free to check it here. We’re glad that the event came out well for the promoter as well. Seems like victory on all fronts, doesn’t it?

The next chance to see us in Brno will probably be in September. Stay tuned. And big thanks to all of you again for a beautiful One Tribe Night show. Guess we’ll never forget that night.


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