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Thunder in the Silence

Yet another metal crusade approaches! And this one is going to be special in every aspect, hence we break our silence, joining the raging night full of heavy metal thunder. Back in our hometown, we require only the sturdiest crowd Kladno has to offer. And we shall soon get it.

An act of courage

Normally, concert agencies, promoters or bands themselves are deemed responsible  for the show organization. This particular event, so mightily called Thunder Night (We just love the hammer pictured on the poster, do you?), is organized by our friend, who invited her favourite bands to her hometown. It requires a lot of courage and determination to start something like this and she has our salutation, admiration and support.

The story is nice and neat and the show seems to be both promising and ambitious. We would be honored to share stage with acts such as Dark GambaleMorčata na Útěku and Dexor. And, of course, we look forward to playing in front of the amazing crowd only Kladno is able to offer (and delivers every fucking time).

Since it’s kind of a big event, there’s an advance booking. Consider getting your tickets early enough, the club capacity is not inflatable. There are several ways to obtain tickets which are described on the official event Facebook page. We promised our friend, that we’d help her with the event promotion as much as possible. You can therefore write Davey (his e-mail address is dave@falcar.net)  and he will get you tickets and arrange the pickup.

Help us spread the word

Moreover, if you’re a local Keeper and would like to put your hand to the plow, you’re more than welcome to do so! Every little help is appreciated. Volunteers may refer to Davey’s e-mail as well. No marriage proposals this time, please.


One Tribe Night Impressions

One Tribe Night by Michaela Hermanova The crowd at One Tribe Night. Courtesy of Michaela Hermanová Photography

Last Saturday, we played an immense show in the heart of Brno. The event was held by the goblin tribe Snaga and we must admit that they managed it to be really impressive! Upon entering the venue, two goblin mannequins clad in full armour were guarding a subtle guy, who was checking our tickets. The merch table was full of boar tusks, wood and metal and the stage was decorated by a pair of beautiful totems made of animal skulls and other epic stuff, each placed on one side of the scene.

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The Night of the Goblins

Do you like Goblins?
We do! And we’d like to announce an event, that is actually going to be all about them.
The goblin clan Snaga orchestrated a night full of heavy metal (along with our good friends Wolfarian) and we’re really happy that we’ve been invited to participate. It’s gonna take place on February 2 at Melodka, Brno.

facebook-logo-square-webtreatsetcClick here to view the Facebook event

A brief introduction of Snaga and One Tribe follows. If you wish to know more about One Tribe, visit the clan page jedenkmen.cz

It’s a multi-genre artistic project linking traditional crafts, atmospheric photography and ambient music played on acoustic instruments. The main subject of the narrative is a goblin tribe named Uruki, the environment is greatly influenced by the work of J.R.R Tolkien as well as LARP games. By its spectacular and enchanting visage, the project attempts to cross the borders of the genre and address broader public. Let yourselves be drawn into a fantastic world of One tribe, which excels by its realistic portrayal and a charming dark beauty.

The Goblin Crew

Well, this is gonna be fun, is it not? What’s even more interesting, is the line-up of the show:

  1. Wolfarian: Our good friends characterize themselves as eight-plus-eight-legged folk metal pack from Brno combining delicate woman voice and a brutal man growl. You might haven’t yet heard, that every single one of them is a full-time member of Skyrim’s finest warriors called The Companions. They keep peace in the realm and from time to time hunt living prey as werewolves.
  2. Alia Tempora: Some really serious symphonic metal, also from Brno. Beware, the voice of their singer can be quite seductive and has a chance to stun with 50 minutes cooldown. The band crew members are also big fans of mathematics, because they named their last album after one of geometric bodies.
  3. Emerald Shine: A big gun full of symphony, inspired by fantasy, nature and various other stuff. If you’re a fan of the mystical sound of the harp, then this is a must-see.

The Challenge

Just to remind you…right now, you’re on FalcarNet! So it’s natural that WE are gonna be there as well.

Moreover, we’ve been challenged by both Wolfarian and Alia Tempora to compete for The Wildest Band of the Night achievement. Don’t let us down, come to Brno and get really crazy!

Oh, and by the way: Since it’s a challenge, everything is permitted. So we forged the official poster to make our logo look bigger. We also told everyone that the majority of our songs is actually inspired by goblins – i.e. Death on Black Wings is supposed to be about goblin tribe trying to survive a dragon attack, Unchained could be about a goblin and his path to freedom, there’s also a possibility of Hic Sunt Leones being about a goblin who wants to return to wilderness. Obviously, Clarion Call is about goblins marching to Helm’s Deep…as you see, it really is an advantage to have lyrics with many meanings. If you wish to see goblins in the songs, you see them 😉

If you’re in the mood for sharing the event, be a Keeper, share the forged poster below and help us change the destiny!
One Tribe Night Poster



Last Show of the Year

Gather your Keepers!

That was the order 666 we got just few days ago. The band manager of La Belle Damned called us and said they wanted us to play with them in December – therefore we decided that this year deserves one last savage blow. For those about to rock, you’re now given a chance to savour your heavy metal nightmare right before Christmas. Marty is pretty busy finishing his studies these days and failed to find an available venue for the end of the year (and he really sucks at booking shows anyway), so a request from another band was like a miracle right from the skies. You wanted us to rock before Christmas and we really like the music of La Belle Damned, so you can assume the show was pretty easy to arrange.

The Show

The pit fight will be held at the renowned battlegrounds of Exit-us, Prague, on the 18th December. So far, we know that Falcar and La Belle Damned will meet on stage, but it’s possible that some another act might join us on that unholy evening. We haven’t performed since October and we’re really missing your shouting and screaming, so be prepared to be torn into pieces by our guitar trinity.
Be damn sure La Belle Damned will also try their best. In case you’re not familiar with them, here’s some basic info:

La Belle Damned is an international five piece symphonic metal band, combining soaring female vocals with driving riffs and swirling synth. The
band draws on influences ranging from Nightwish and Kamelot to Pink Floyd and Anathema, interlacing driving melodies with evocative lyrics.
Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well, you can have them tested and measured at Exit-us show. You can as well watch their teaser right now.
And, by the way, if you’re wondering about the current status quo of the Metal Crusade single release, we’re waiting for the music video to be cut. Misfortune goes all the way along the video production, machines and people failing alike. Right now, there’s no way we could possibly hurry things up. But you shall have it – hopefully soon.
See you all in Exit-us.
Falcar + La Belle Damned Exit-us Poster

Prague Again!

The release of The Metal Crusade single is gonna be pretty damn soon…well, after all the bloody work will have been completed, of course.

Anyway, there will be shows in Autumn and here’s the first of them. Behold!

You do remember Artaius, right? A band consisting of seven insane Italians playing folk metal with some progressive and modern influences. Yeah, we played with them in May last year along with VallorcH. Believe it or not, our friend Patrik Chrastil even took pictures of the show (you may find them here).

Well, they tour again – with another band from Italy – a bunch of folk metalists called Dusius. And they asked us if we’d invite them to perform in Prague once again. So we booked our beloved club – Kain – and we wish to invite you all for the first Falcar show after summer holiday. Some facts about the concert:

The show starts at 8 p.m.
Falcar will start the show, so please do come early! We beg you.
Dusius will come after us and Artaius will close the evening after midnight.

Don’t forget to check out those two bands, they’re awesome and we’re really happy to have such a great company.

If you’re lazy and you don’t want to waste your precious time searching, watch the videos and taste their metal!

It’s gonna be an epic event indeed. Spread the word to all Keepers you know. Get your necks in shape and prepare for some fierce headbanging. See you all in September. At last! We’re getting really sick of being locked in the rehearsal room. Evil powers dwell in that place and all they want is to escape and spread chaos all over the land. Let us help them the best we can!

Artaius, Falcar, Dusius - September 19 Kain Prague - Official poster


Metal Crusade Music Video Shooting

The Falcar Metal CREWsade
Last weekend, we were shooting our very first music video.
And guess what? It was AWESOME.

The Place

We spent quite a while looking for a perfect place to take the moving pictures and, as always, deadline was our biggest motivation. Our director, Martin Čumpelík, insisted on Přední kopanina, a beautiful quarry not far from Prague. He and Davey went to the owner, found he was a good guy and managed to get permission to film there.
When the day had come and we came to the place, we were gazing at the quarry, eyes open wide. It was a great place indeed. And it rocked. And most of us got sunburned, as the light was not only good for shooting, but also for shining upon us all day like mad…constantly and without boundaries.

The Crew

The ringing of the division bell had begun early in the morning. The gate opened at the dawn and the crew immediately started to prepare the scene. It was awesome to have someone experienced by our side. Both our director Martin (a.k.a. “Daddy”) and the camera operator Korálek (a.k.a. “Momma”) were leading us towards our goal and we were really happy we had confided ourselves to them. They were the brains, we were the muscles. It worked well.

We took a few pics on our phones during shooting. You may want to check them on our Instagram account.

Apart from those two, we also had Rikka, the clapper loader, and a bunch of fellow Keepers standing by our side. Each one of them proved to be an indispensable part of the crew. They pushed their own limits for the sake of the shooting and we simply can’t thank them enough, especially our good friend and Keeper Monťák, who spent all day in armor acting as the crusader. He’s looking really impressive in his metal dress, isn’t he?

The Shooting

The shooting was divided into three sections – the day part, the dusk part and the night part. The day part was the easiest one, we had plenty of time and the shots were not difficult. However, as the night was slowly approaching, we had to be effective and the number of takes was limited. The most tricky shot in the dusk part was the one, in which Marty had to destroy his guitar. We had no more than a single attempt, so we rehearsed it a lot. Luckily for us all, it went well.

The night scene was probably the most emotional experience of all day. A game of shadows. The Keepers were moshing, covered with flames. The stones were burning and Martin and Rikka were spitting blazing fire everywhere. And the four of played like there was no tomorrow. We will never, ever forget those wonderful moments.

The Big Thanks

We’d like to give thanks to the Metal Crusade Crew one more time. You guys were absolutely awesome! This wouldn’t have happened without you and we are really happy, that you keep Falcar alive.
So, to sum it all up: The Metal Crusade music video has been shot and is right now heading to the cutting room. No worries, we’ll let you know when it will be out. Oh, and don’t forget to follow the Metal Crusade 😉


Back On Stage, Back in Prague

Falcar in Melodka, Brno, January 17 2015That’s us at Melodka, Brno on January 17. This beautiful pic has been shot by Obrjen. Visit his personal site at obrjen.com. The photo gallery from this particular show can be found here.

There are just few spare moments between preparing the release of the new single and learning new material. One of these precious moments is the 17th March 2015. Remember the date well, for it’s going to be one of the few shows held this spring. Yes, we’re coming back onstage. This time, it’s not far from home, actually not even far from our rehearsal room. That doesn’t apply to the other two bands, however; Carpatia Castle travels half-way across the Czech Republic from Most and Sleeping Romance half-way across Europe from Italy. Love for metal knows no borders.

It’s a very inspiring challenge for us to share stage with such awesome acts like these. Don’t forget to check them out. Their videos are also pretty cool:

We haven’t played since January and we are all in the right mood to rock your socks off. Marty is eager to try his new axe and, for the very first time, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the two of our songs with the same orchestral arrangement that was used on the studio version. There’s a lot of energy to be unleashed until we dig ourselves again in the burrow we proudly call our rehearsal room – the place where all the magic happens.

The clash of the metalheads can be seen at Exit-US, Prague on Tuesday, March 17, starting at 8pm. Be there. We most certainly will.

Event Poster Falcar Carpatia Castle Sleeping Romance


Falcar Studio Report, part two

Marty Recording Vocals
Did you miss us?

Here comes the second part of our studio report. In case you didn’t read the first part, you may view it under this link. Just a brief recapitulation: Up to this point, we managed to record drums, bass guitar and some guitar parts. There was no need for Roman to arrive in the very early morning, therefore it was decided that he and Patrik would arrive before noon.

We expected the vocals to be recorded by that time. Oh, how foolish we were! That was probably the most valuable of all the lessons we were given in the studio. Since it was really, really early, it took Marty and Dave a bit of time to make their voices function properly. When you’re used to singing in the evening every single day, it’s a severe violation of your biorhythm if you strive for the maximum performance right in the morning. The guys were both aware of this fact, yet they underestimated the impact.

Therefore when Roman and Patrik arrived, Marty and Dave were nearly in the middle of the recording – dozen of takes had passed and they finally started to be warmed up and ready to rock. We still had some time left, so we did a lot of takes of Marty’s vocal lines to save Štěpán the pain of editing every single note in the software later. As usual, after the thorough warm-up, it only took Dave two or three takes to make it plausible.

Not long after lunch, Patrik started to record the rest of his guitar parts. The process was almost exactly the same as in Marty’s case; the rhythm parts went well and the solos needed some time to finally sound great. Patrik actually had two of them in the ballad. First of them was fairly easy to record, since he’d known it by heart and had played it the same way all the time, but the second one consisted partly on improvisation. But when you have to improvise in the studio, you either play it awesome or play it again. So we set the recording to an infinite loop and together we tried to dive into the atmosphere of the song.

After a while, we found ourselves in a dead end. It was pretty obvious that trying over only makes things worse, so we halted the process and let that perfectionist singer of us have a couple of additional takes of the vocal line. In the meantime, Patrik was fine-tuning his solo in the control room.

The dusk was slowly approaching and Marty and Dave had to return the borrowed car. They packed everything and headed back to Kladno while Patrik and Roman were recording the last piece of our puzzle. For some reason, it all worked like a charm and our axe man nailed it after few attempts, unconstrained by the constant trying.
Patrik Recording Guitars

Half of the band was already home when the recording officially ended. The second half of the band packed all the stuff and set sails into the harsh winter weather. The recorded tracks had been laid to rest and they were to be resurrected the following week when Štěpán and Marty entered the mixing session. More on that topic in the nearest future. Keep on!



Bad news…we have been hacked. Our hosting was nearly forced to shut us down entirely because of the enormous traffic FalcarNet had been exposed. We were just in the mood to finally upload some reports from the studio this evening, but none of us was even able to log in. Luckily, we were able to regain control over the website in several hours and from that point on literally declared war to all the spambots and fake users. A massive purge then occurred and we stopped user registrations for a while. We improved the security of our “Herald of Arms” newsletter service and installed few more services that will help us fighting those undead digital enemies of ours. The bright side of it is that nothing is missing and after we recovered FalcarNet from the backup everything went back to normal We were given a valuable lesson about the importance of defense systems, however.
The studio report will therefore have to be delayed. Sorry about that, but we think you will be able to forgive and understand. We’ll try to post it later this week. Keep on.


Glacial Croon IV Teaser

Hi guys,

you might have heard that we rock at Melodka, Brno on January 17 (ie next weekend if you’re not as good with dates). The basic info is covered in a previously published teaser article, which we recommend you to read if you don’t  know what all this fuzz is about. Long story short, the line-up is (surprisingly) Falcar, Gate Crasher, Tezaura, Anthology and Passion of Hate. We head on stage as the very last band, so please stay at the venue a bit more, else you will miss our maximum overload. We had a first 2015 rehearsal together yesterday an even we were surprised how awesome it sounds…

Anyway, enough of the boasting, the promoters of the event made this cool video teaser. Let’s check it out!

Oh…and Marty found out that he also has a neck pickup on his axe. If you see him moving the switch back and forth like mad during the show, don’t worry. He’ll get bored and stop doing that thing very soon, as we know him. The neck position sounds great along with Patrik’s guitar in some parts, though.

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