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Dundee Jam – Extended Edition

For those who revel in lengthy behind-the-scences videos, we salute you!
Lot of new magic stuff and special appearances, we have it all.


Heavy Symphonic Night

Heavy Symphonic Night
We had a blast at Poldofka last week. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has been a very successful event and we’re thrilled to announce a new show.

And, of course, we’re happy that the premiere of our new song King of the Hill received massive amount of positive feedback. Guess we did better than Powerwolf playing Blessed and Possessed at Masters of Rock three years ago.

The Heavy Symphonic Night

We’re conquering Prague in less than three weeks, fighting alongside the Nightwish tribute band Finnlandia and a symphonic hard rock band Rissla. It’s a great chance for you to see us performing in Prague again. As you know, our main focus is to finish the album, so our booking power has been impaired for the time being. Being invited to a show is always a great opportunity for us to release all the accumulated rage and go berserk on stage.
We hope that the crowd at the Heavy Symphonic Night will be at least as wild as it was on the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. If you want to see the crowd chanting the Jester’s Mask choir, log in and check it out in the Keepers section of FalcarNet.  


The Falcar Lockdown

The Falcar Lockdown Photo
Hail friends,

as you might have heard, we have found a new rehearsal space. Our last sanctuary was destroyed by evil forces early in November and we were homeless for nearly two months with gear stored at Dave and Marty grandmother’s garage. On Christmas day, our friend Vítek notified us about new rehearsal spaces being build in Prague. We acted immediately and moved in the first week of the New Year. It’s funny that the new haven is located near a bridge, which was closed two days after our first rehearsal. Such is the price for playing heavy metal too loud. We all agreed it was Roman’s fault that the bridge had nearly collapsed.

Bridge destruction aside, we’re finally renting our own heavy metal bastion again. And a new place means new stories, which leads us to one story we wanted to share with you. It happened this Wednesday. The place is build like a punk fortress with the ultimate purpose to serve the bands. It’s both inconspicuous and impenetrable, so that all the valuable cargo rests in peace while the bands are away. There are several rooms providing shelter for numerous bands, therefore there are many keys to different doors and bars to achieve the desired status of ultimate security. If you want to get to the toilet, you have to pass two locked doors and two bars. Be quick or be dead from the Iron Maiden has a unique meaning at this place.

Hold the door, hold the door…

Every band plays really heavy, metal at its best, and you can usually hear and feel whether or not there is a band behind the wall. Nevertheless, we had been instructed, that it was mandatory to check the place before locking it all down. We were soon to find why.

We had our regular rehearsal, polishing our new song, the King of the Hill, and we were banging the stuff pretty loud. Roman is punching his kit like a madman, so the rest of the guys usually turn the volume knobs to the right until you hear Davey’s bass shaking your junk. It was impossible to overhear us. Well, after the rehearsal, we unlocked the door leading out of the building, and we were shocked: The door would not open. There was a steel bar on the outside, locked by the band leaving before us. The door were opening to the outside and the bar was attached to it so closely, that it was impossible to move the door at all. Hence there was no way to open it from the inside. We tried calling the landlord, but it was 10 p.m. and no one was answering. No other exits we knew of and every door was locked anyway. There was only one window with another bar attached. We were slowly accepting the fact, that we might have actually spent the night sleeping on the floor of our rehearsal room.

What would Bruce Dickinson do?

We started making fun of the whole situation and since Marty was talking about reading the Bruce Dickinson’s autobiography, Dave taunted: “So, Marty, what would Bruce Dickinson do in this situation?” First there came some jokes about tearing the place up by building a battering ram or something, but then Roman suggested unmounting the window bar from the inside. There were some solid heavy metal screw-threads bolt on the wall, so Marty put the Leatherman knife out of his pocket and after several moments, we unmounted the bar with pliers. We had Marty sneak out of the window to open the door bar from the outside. We then spent several more minutes mounting the window bar back again and soon were on our way across the broken bridge.

Mounting the window bar

Our landlord received two messages that night:

“Help, we’ve been locked in the building.”

“Nevermind, we got out, but you might wanna tighten the nuts on the window bar.”

We felt like we just did a pretty MacGyver stunt, Richard Dean Anderson would be so proud. This story is a confirmation of the popular musicians saying, that every problem on earth can be solved using a pocket multi-tool, WD-40 or duct tape.


Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

A new show ahead!
This time, we’re going on a raid to the ancient dungeon of Poldofka to acquire an epic loot.
Since we are primarily damagers, we invited our friends Thanallian to take up the role of the tank and the guys from Emerald Shine to act as healers. 

The day has been set to 23th March 2018. 

More info will follow soon.

Facebook event link


Spring, the Bringer of More Falcar Shows

Welcome again, friends.

Spring is nearly here and we are proud to say that our strive towards the first album proceeds well. We have polished most of the orchestral tracks and even took some first bass takes. While Davey was working hard to do some  recording, Marty spend most of the month on a journey to far East. Now that everyone’s back, the hard recording work shall strike us with full force.  We decided not to spend energy on orchestrating our own shows, but we somehow appeared on (at this moment) four concert posters. Guess the spring season won’t be that “showless” as we originally thought 🙂 

For those of us who want to see our savage symphony live, write down some of the following dates:

ShowsLinks to individual events can be found in the shows sections of FalcarNet.

Be seeing you!


Christmas Headliners

This year is slowly nearing its end and we’re gonna play one final show to celebrate the end of the concert season – and Christmas, of course!

As we have been mostly playing short shows lately (stupid police hour), we decided this is the perfect time for a full set. All Falcar songs in the current repertoire will be performed live – and more! It’s nearly a tradition that there will also be a video on the backdrop. Moreover, we have prepared some special effects to enhance the experience. There’s also a new song to be played for the first time in Kladno – it’s called Bloodshed, and it’s probably the wildest and heaviest stuff we have made so far (slayer neck alert – don’t complain after the show – we warned you). Powerwolf would be so proud of us – there’s blood everywhere in the lyrics. Finally, we prepared a special surprise for you at the end of the Poldofka show. We’re not going to tell you what it is, but we’ll definitely want you to participate. Our foursome works really hard to make Falcar great, so it’s now your turn to show us what you’ve got.
That’s basically it. You attend and enjoy yourself. We headline the show, we set the stage and we make the rules. Well, actually, the promoter makes the rules (hi, Eliška!) and we’re just humble servants and we’re paid to rock! Hopefully.

Moving to our more than special guests:

We’ve chosen our guests personally and we’re convinced that you’ll love them, too!

Ravenlaw is one of the best power metal acts in the country. Their frontman Medouch is a living embodiment of Heavy Metal spirit and they play loud and strong. Like us, the guys are obsessed with Fantasy, especially Sword & Sorcery genre. Step through the magic portal into the age of Conan and hanker to the ancient stories long forgotten in the halls of the dark temples of Stygia.

Greymon are one of the very first band we ever shared stage with. As a matter of fact, on the first show with them, there also played a symphonic metal band called Taraq and we were amazed to see a totally crazy man named Roman playing drums. Two years later, we made some personal changes and…well, you know the rest of this story. Back to Greymon. They play Hard Rock and they’re good at their job. Here’s one of their best songs (however their singer hates it). But listen how much the chorus rocks!

Share the event. Invite all your friends.Stretch your neck.  Bring enough gold to get through the gates. And then – JUST KEEP BANGING!

Steel City Night Poster


Supporting Theocracy!

As I foretold yesterday, a new gig is ahead. And it’s gonna be a huge one indeed!

Our good friend and dedicated supporter Aleš is accused of saying a word or two to the local promoter Ivan and, long story short, we’ll be playing support to no one smaller than the american power metal legend Theocracy! Apparently, they were looking for local support band playing similar genre and we’re proud to be chosen to perform this task.

The show will take place at Exit-us, Prague on November 6 (Sunday). You can read more about the event on the official Facebook page .

If by chance you’re not yet a fan of Theocracy, consider visiting their website and try to hear a couple of songs on their YouTube.

By the way, they just published a new lyrics video today! Check it out below.

Also, the Slovak band Within Silence are touring across Europe with Theocracy right now and they will perform in Exit-us as well. I guess it will be a tough evening, hope you’ll all make it. Sunday is a day perfect for some excessive headbanging.



p.s. What do you think of the recent Rhapsody split-up? Give me a comment if you dare.


Polishing the Arms

Hi guys,

just wanted to tell you that we’re not slacking at Falcar.  Au contraire!

Well, Roman is on a trip to Slovakia to visit his relatives and Patrik has some important business, too, so we had to skip our rehearsal today, but anyway… Continue reading


The Northern Crusade

Falcar Wolfarian Emerald Shine Header Image

Another midnight post…this seems to be an ideal time to write and brag about our little crusade. The hour of poets, composers and criminals, when the night is amazingly dark and full of terrors. It really holds the door of our imagination wide open. Okay, no more Game of Thrones allusions, I promise. Raw news only.

Still on crusade

Well, the news. We’re proud to say that our Metal Crusade still continues, although the music video is still in the hands of our director, which delays the whole release of our single. There’s not much we can do about it at this moment, we can only promise that we’ll try to avoid this situation while doing future releases. The single is still veiled in shadows, yet the live shows are shining brightly. This time we come back to Poldofka to play with two of our most beloved Czech bands.


We have to admit we love Wolfarian so much! This is actually the two-years anniversary of our first show in Poldofka together. And it was a badass performance and we have been friends ever since. They are wild, they are passionate and they play some great folk metal using real instruments. Wolfarian is its own animal and that’s what makes them special. Still, we wonder how they are able to feed and manage the wolfpack. Even our humble foursome is occasionally difficult to lead.

Emerald Shine

We had spoken to Emerald Shine before, but our first actual encounter was at the glorious One Tribe Night in Brno at the end of February. Their fantasy symphonic style with a real harp was really enthralling and we were basically begging them to come. Besides, they had the guts to climb up the stage at the end of our show and sing Jester’s Mask with us – the whole band! And that is something that truly earned our respect.

Funny fact: Wolfarian were actually rehearsing the song backstage but they didn’t hear the call and missed the moment. Perhaps they’ll have a second chance in Kladno.

This time, we won’t be doing regular advertising on social networks, web banners etc., but we prepared a very special video for you that is intended to function as a teaser. Here it is. Watch it, share it, love it. It contains excerpts from the Metal Crusade, Wolfarian’s Shade of Victory and Dance Beneath the Stars by Emerald Shine. In addition, Marty composed a short instrumental piece to create a more cinematic mood for the narration of the show’s story.

The story is very simple: Each band sounds different, we walk different ways, yet we all want to achieve the same ultimate goal. We also have something in common when it comes to music; you may find it influenced by history, folk music and of course heavy metal.

The show will be held at Poldofka, Kladno on Saturday, June 11. It starts at 7:30PM and has admission of mere 100CZK. Don’t forget to keep rockin’! We’re looking forward to meet you again in the ranks of our Heavy Metal Crusade!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our poster. We combined part of the Metal Crusade single artwork with the female warrior from Wolfarian’s album booklet. It’s what this show is going to be about. Folk metal meets heavy metal and they both march as allies to a valiant battle.

Falcar Wolfarian Emerald Shine


The Metal Crusade Continues

Hello again!

A new show appears on the horizon. We had originally planned to book a show in Prague soon, but, sadly, there wasn’t any suitable venue available for spring.

We were lucky, though.

Another band’s performance had been cancelled. Almost a classic situation – guitarist working with a chainsaw had an injury. Gosh, when will these people learn? Anyway, the club owner asked if anyone was interested and we made a reservation literally the next minute. Another lucky coincidence is that a great band from Italy, Let Them Fall, is currently on tour and has a vacant day on Saturday 14th (May), which is exactly the date we booked. Finally, since three bands are always better than two, we also invited a local Czech band called Shitstorm to support us.

So, if you missed us, you have now a great possibility to stretch your neck and join the metal crusade again.

We’re really excited about having another opportunity to try our best in front of the best audience in Prague. You’ve earned a bit of reputation during our past show, so try not fail us.

The Metal Crusade Continues Poster

Upcoming shows

No shows booked at the moment.


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