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Spring, the Bringer of More Falcar Shows

Welcome again, friends.

Spring is nearly here and we are proud to say that our strive towards the first album proceeds well. We have polished most of the orchestral tracks and even took some first bass takes. While Davey was working hard to do some  recording, Marty spend most of the month on a journey to far East. Now that everyone’s back, the hard recording work shall strike us with full force.  We decided not to spend energy on orchestrating our own shows, but we somehow appeared on (at this moment) four concert posters. Guess the spring season won’t be that “showless” as we originally thought ūüôā 

For those of us who want to see our savage symphony live, write down some of the following dates:

ShowsLinks to individual events can be found in the shows sections of FalcarNet.

Be seeing you!


Christmas Headliners

This year is slowly nearing its end and we’re gonna play one final show to celebrate the end of the concert season – and Christmas, of course!

As we have been mostly playing short shows lately (stupid police hour), we decided this is the perfect time for a full set. All Falcar songs in the current repertoire will be performed live Рand more! It’s nearly a tradition that there will also be a video on the backdrop. Moreover, we have prepared some special effects to enhance the experience. There’s also a new song to be played for the first time in Kladno Рit’s called Bloodshed, and it’s probably the wildest and heaviest stuff we have made so far (slayer neck alert Рdon’t complain after the show Рwe warned you). Powerwolf would be so proud of us Рthere’s blood everywhere in the lyrics. Finally, we prepared a special surprise for you at the end of the Poldofka show. We’re not going to tell you what it is, but we’ll definitely want you to participate. Our foursome works really hard to make Falcar great, so it’s now your turn to show us what you’ve got.
That‚Äôs basically it. You attend and enjoy yourself. We headline the show, we set the stage and we make the rules. Well, actually, the promoter makes the rules (hi, EliŇ°ka!) and we‚Äôre just humble servants and we’re paid to rock! Hopefully.

Moving to our more than special guests:

We’ve chosen our guests personally and we’re convinced that you’ll love them, too!

Ravenlaw is one of the best power metal acts in the country. Their frontman Medouch is a living embodiment of Heavy Metal spirit and they play loud and strong. Like us, the guys are obsessed with Fantasy, especially Sword & Sorcery genre. Step through the magic portal into the age of Conan and hanker to the ancient stories long forgotten in the halls of the dark temples of Stygia.

Greymon are one of the very first band we ever shared stage with. As a matter of fact, on the first show with them, there also played a symphonic metal band called Taraq and we were amazed to see a totally crazy man named Roman playing drums. Two years later, we made some personal changes and…well, you know the rest of this story. Back to Greymon. They play Hard Rock and they’re good at their job. Here’s one of their best songs (however their singer hates it). But listen how much the chorus rocks!

Share the event. Invite all your friends.Stretch your neck.  Bring enough gold to get through the gates. And then – JUST KEEP BANGING!

Steel City Night Poster


Supporting Theocracy!

As I foretold yesterday,¬†a new gig is ahead. And it’s gonna be a huge one indeed!

Our good friend and dedicated supporter AleŇ° is accused of saying a word or two to the local promoter Ivan and, long story short, we’ll be playing support to no one smaller than the american power metal legend Theocracy! Apparently, they were looking for local support band playing similar¬†genre and we’re proud to be chosen to perform this task.

The show will take place at Exit-us, Prague on November 6 (Sunday). You can read more about the event on the official Facebook page .

If by chance you’re not yet a fan of Theocracy, consider visiting¬†their website and try to hear a couple of songs on their YouTube.

By the way, they just published a new lyrics video today! Check it out below.

Also, the Slovak band¬†Within Silence are touring across Europe with Theocracy right now and they will perform¬†in Exit-us as well. I guess it will be a tough evening, hope you’ll all make it. Sunday is a day perfect for some excessive headbanging.



p.s. What do you think of the recent Rhapsody split-up? Give me a comment if you dare.


The Northern Crusade

Falcar Wolfarian Emerald Shine Header Image

Another midnight post…this¬†seems to be an ideal time to write and brag about our little crusade. The hour of poets, composers and criminals, when the night is amazingly dark and full of terrors. It really holds the door of our imagination wide open. Okay, no more Game of Thrones allusions, I promise. Raw news only.

Still on crusade

Well, the news. We’re proud to say that our Metal Crusade still continues, although the music video is still in the hands of our director, which delays the whole release of our single. There’s not much we can do about it at this moment, we can only promise that we’ll try to avoid this situation while doing future releases. The single is still veiled in shadows, yet the live shows are shining brightly. This time we come back to Poldofka to play with two of our most beloved Czech bands.


We have to admit we love Wolfarian¬†so much! This is actually the¬†two-years anniversary of our first show in Poldofka together. And it was a badass performance and we have been friends ever since. They are wild, they are passionate and they play some great folk metal using real instruments. Wolfarian is its own animal and that’s what makes them special. Still, we wonder how they are able to feed and manage the wolfpack. Even our humble foursome is occasionally difficult to lead.

Emerald Shine

We had spoken to Emerald Shine¬†before, but our first actual encounter was at the glorious¬†One Tribe Night¬†in Brno at the end of February. Their fantasy symphonic style with a real harp was really enthralling and we were basically begging them to come. Besides, they had the guts to climb up the stage at the end of our show and sing Jester’s Mask with us – the whole band! And that is something that truly earned our respect.

Funny fact: Wolfarian were actually rehearsing the song backstage but they didn’t hear the call and missed the moment. Perhaps they’ll have a second chance in Kladno.

This time, we won’t be doing regular advertising on social networks, web banners etc., but we prepared a very special video for you that is intended to function as a teaser. Here it is. Watch it, share it, love it. It contains excerpts from the Metal Crusade, Wolfarian’s Shade of Victory and Dance Beneath the Stars by Emerald Shine. In addition, Marty composed a short instrumental piece to create a more cinematic mood for the narration of the show’s story.

The story is very simple: Each band sounds different, we walk different ways, yet we all want to achieve the same ultimate goal. We also have something in common when it comes to music; you may find it influenced by history, folk music and of course heavy metal.

The show will be held at Poldofka, Kladno on Saturday, June 11. It starts at 7:30PM and has admission of mere 100CZK.¬†Don’t forget to keep rockin’! We’re looking forward to meet you again in the ranks of our Heavy Metal Crusade!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our poster. We combined part of the Metal Crusade single artwork with the female warrior from Wolfarian’s album booklet. It’s what this show is going to be about. Folk metal meets heavy metal and they both march as allies to a valiant battle.

Falcar Wolfarian Emerald Shine


The Metal Crusade Continues

Hello again!

A new show appears on the horizon. We had originally planned to book a show in Prague soon, but, sadly, there wasn’t any suitable venue available for spring.

We were lucky, though.

Another band’s performance had been cancelled. Almost a classic situation – guitarist working with a chainsaw had an injury. Gosh, when will these people learn? Anyway, the club owner asked if anyone was interested and we made a reservation literally the next minute. Another lucky coincidence is that a great band from Italy, Let Them Fall, is currently on tour and has a vacant day on Saturday 14th (May), which is exactly the date we booked. Finally,¬†since three bands are always better than two, we also invited a local Czech band called Shitstorm to support us.

So, if you missed us, you have now a great possibility to stretch your neck and join the metal crusade again.

We’re really excited about having another opportunity to try our best in front of¬†the best audience in Prague. You’ve earned a bit of¬†reputation during our past show, so try not fail us.

The Metal Crusade Continues Poster


Thunder in the Silence

Yet another metal crusade approaches! And this one is going to be special in every aspect, hence we break our silence, joining the raging night full of heavy metal thunder. Back in our hometown, we require only the sturdiest crowd Kladno has to offer. And we shall soon get it.

An act of courage

Normally, concert agencies, promoters or bands themselves are deemed responsible  for the show organization. This particular event, so mightily called Thunder Night (We just love the hammer pictured on the poster, do you?), is organized by our friend, who invited her favourite bands to her hometown. It requires a lot of courage and determination to start something like this and she has our salutation, admiration and support.

The story is nice and neat and the show seems to be both promising and ambitious. We would be honored to share stage with acts such as¬†Dark Gambale,¬†Morńćata na √ötńõku¬†and Dexor. And, of course, we look forward to playing in front of the amazing crowd only Kladno is able to offer (and delivers every fucking time).

Since it’s kind of a big event, there’s an advance booking. Consider getting your tickets early enough, the club capacity is not inflatable. There are several ways to obtain tickets which are described on the official event Facebook page. We promised our friend, that we’d help her with the event promotion as much as possible. You can therefore write Davey (his e-mail address is dave@falcar.net) ¬†and he will get you tickets and arrange the pickup.

Help us spread the word

Moreover, if you’re a local Keeper and would like to¬†put your hand to the plow, you’re more than welcome to do so! Every little help is appreciated. Volunteers may refer¬†to Davey’s e-mail as well. No marriage proposals this time, please.


The Night of the Goblins

Do you like Goblins?
We do! And we’d like to announce an event, that is actually going to be all about them.
The goblin¬†clan Snaga¬†orchestrated a night full of heavy metal (along with our good friends Wolfarian)¬†and we’re really happy that we’ve been invited to participate. It’s gonna take place on February 2 at Melodka, Brno.

facebook-logo-square-webtreatsetcClick here to view the Facebook event

A brief introduction of Snaga and One Tribe follows. If you wish to know more about One Tribe, visit the clan page jedenkmen.cz

It’s¬†a multi-genre artistic project linking traditional crafts, atmospheric photography and ambient music played on acoustic instruments. The main subject of the narrative is a goblin tribe named Uruki, the environment is greatly influenced by the work of J.R.R Tolkien as well as LARP games. By its spectacular and enchanting visage, the project attempts to cross the borders of the genre and address¬†broader public. Let yourselves be drawn into a fantastic world of One tribe, which excels by its realistic portrayal and a charming dark beauty.

The Goblin Crew

Well, this is gonna be fun, is it not? What’s even more interesting, is the line-up of the show:

  1. Wolfarian: Our good friends characterize themselves as eight-plus-eight-legged folk metal pack from Brno combining delicate woman voice and a brutal man growl. You might haven’t yet heard, that every single¬†one of them is a full-time member of Skyrim’s finest warriors called The Companions. They keep peace in the realm and from time to time hunt living prey as werewolves.
  2. Alia Tempora: Some really serious symphonic metal, also from Brno. Beware, the voice of their singer can be quite seductive and has a chance to stun with 50 minutes cooldown. The band crew members are also big fans of mathematics, because they named their last album after one of geometric bodies.
  3. Emerald Shine: A big gun full of symphony, inspired by fantasy, nature and various other stuff. If you’re a fan of the mystical sound of the harp, then this is a must-see.

The Challenge

Just to remind you…right now, you’re on FalcarNet! So it’s natural that WE are gonna be there as well.

Moreover,¬†we’ve been challenged by both Wolfarian and Alia Tempora to compete for The Wildest Band of the Night achievement. Don’t let us down, come to Brno and get really crazy!

Oh, and by the way: Since it’s a challenge, everything is permitted. So we forged the official poster to make our logo look bigger. We also told everyone that the majority of our songs is actually inspired by goblins – i.e. Death on Black Wings¬†is supposed to be about goblin tribe trying to survive a dragon attack, Unchained could¬†be about a goblin and his path to freedom, there’s also a possibility of Hic Sunt Leones being about a goblin who wants to return to wilderness. Obviously, Clarion Call is about goblins marching to Helm’s Deep…as you see, it really is an advantage to have lyrics with many meanings. If you wish to see goblins in the songs, you see them ūüėČ

If you’re in the mood for¬†sharing the event, be a Keeper, share the forged poster below and help us change the destiny!
One Tribe Night Poster



Last Show of the Year

Gather your Keepers!

That was the¬†order 666 we got just few days ago. The band manager of La Belle Damned called us and said they wanted us to play with them in December – therefore¬†we decided that this year deserves one last savage blow. For those about to rock, you’re now given a chance to savour¬†your heavy metal nightmare right before Christmas. Marty is pretty busy finishing his studies these days and failed to find an available venue¬†for the end of the year (and he really sucks at booking shows anyway), so a request from another band was like a miracle right from the skies. You wanted us to rock before Christmas and we really like the music of La Belle Damned, so you can assume the show was pretty easy to arrange.

The Show

The pit fight will be held at the renowned battlegrounds of Exit-us, Prague, on the 18th December. So far, we know that Falcar and La Belle Damned will meet on stage, but it’s possible that some another act might join us on that unholy evening. We haven’t performed since October and we’re really missing your shouting and screaming, so be prepared to be torn into pieces by our guitar trinity.
Be damn sure La Belle Damned will also try their best. In case you’re not familiar with them, here’s some basic info:

La Belle Damned is an international five piece symphonic metal band, combining soaring female vocals with driving riffs and swirling synth. The
band draws on influences ranging from Nightwish and Kamelot to Pink Floyd and Anathema, interlacing driving melodies with evocative lyrics.
Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well, you can¬†have them tested and measured at Exit-us show. You can as well watch their teaser right now.
And, by the way, if you’re wondering about the current status quo of the Metal Crusade single release, we’re waiting for the music video to be cut. Misfortune goes all the way along the video production, machines and people failing alike. Right now, there’s no way we could possibly hurry things up. But you shall have it – hopefully soon.
See you all in Exit-us.
Falcar + La Belle Damned Exit-us Poster

Prague Again!

The release of The Metal Crusade single is gonna be pretty damn soon…well, after all the bloody work will have been completed, of course.

Anyway, there will be shows in Autumn and here’s the first of them. Behold!

You do remember Artaius, right? A band consisting of seven insane Italians playing folk metal with some progressive and modern influences. Yeah, we played with them in May last year along with VallorcH. Believe it or not, our friend Patrik Chrastil even took pictures of the show (you may find them here).

Well, they tour again – with another band from Italy – a bunch of folk metalists called Dusius. And they asked us if we’d invite them to perform in Prague once again. So we booked our beloved club – Kain – and we wish to invite you all for the first Falcar show after summer holiday. Some facts about the concert:

The show starts at 8 p.m.
Falcar will start the show, so please do come early! We beg you.
Dusius will come after us and Artaius will close the evening after midnight.

Don’t forget to check out those two bands, they’re awesome and we’re really happy to have such a great company.

If you’re lazy and you don’t want to waste your precious time searching, watch the videos and taste their metal!

It’s gonna be an epic event indeed. Spread the word to all Keepers you know. Get your necks in shape and prepare for some fierce headbanging. See you all in September. At last! We’re getting really sick of being locked in the rehearsal room. Evil powers dwell in that place and all they want is to escape and spread chaos all over the land. Let us help them the best we can!

Artaius, Falcar, Dusius - September 19 Kain Prague - Official poster


Back On Stage, Back in Prague

Falcar in Melodka, Brno, January 17 2015That’s us at Melodka, Brno on January 17. This beautiful pic has been shot by Obrjen. Visit his personal site at obrjen.com. The photo gallery from this particular show can be found here.

There are just few spare moments between preparing the release of the new single and learning new material. One of these precious moments is the 17th March 2015. Remember the date well, for it’s going to be one of the few shows held this spring. Yes, we’re coming back onstage. This time, it’s not far from home, actually not even far from our rehearsal room. That doesn’t apply to the¬†other two bands, however; Carpatia Castle travels half-way across the Czech Republic from Most¬†and Sleeping Romance half-way across Europe from Italy. Love for metal knows no borders.

It’s a very inspiring challenge for us to share stage with such awesome acts like these. Don’t forget to check them out. Their videos are also pretty cool:

We haven’t played since January and we are all in the right mood to rock your socks off. Marty is eager to try his new axe and, for the very first time, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the two of our songs¬†with the same orchestral arrangement that was used on the studio version. There’s a lot of energy to be unleashed until we dig ourselves again in the burrow we proudly call our¬†rehearsal room – the place where all the magic happens.

The clash of the metalheads can be seen at Exit-US, Prague on Tuesday, March 17, starting at 8pm. Be there. We most certainly will.

Event Poster Falcar Carpatia Castle Sleeping Romance

Upcoming shows

No shows booked at the moment.


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