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Falcar Band Promo by Patrik Chrastil

Hello again,

we just launched a new version of our website. The old one looked like one of the very first World of Warcraft private servers, not to mention Patrik literally hated the design. Therefore Marty was forced to sacrifice several hours and wrote a bit of the code. Once again, the next iteration of Matrix is far more professional and powerful. Right now it’s more or less just an online presentation, but we have big plans to make it more interactive: A shop to buy merch and download music online, a backstage area where you can be in touch with the band every day and also a blog where all the four of us will post creepy stuff.

Since we code this website all by ourselves, it may take a while.  In the meantime, check out what’s already been done.  There’s a biography page, a list of our shows and  dedicated pages for press and production as well.

All the content should be responsive, so for the first time, your phones and tablets shouldn’t creep out.


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