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This photo of Patrik is not the official part of promo shooting, but we leaked it anyway.

The day after we played our first show in September, we hit the road to take some promo pictures. We got up early, still tired after the show. The whole scene appeared as if we were a bunch of “homies” from Grand Theft Auto.

We started in Kladno, drove to Prague to pick up Patrik & Patrik, then headed to Holubice to take Roman aboard. Finally, we all arrived to Panensky Tynec to do the shooting. There’s a really awesome unfinished monastery where Davey used to sing with a choir. The decision to do it there was made very quickly and, by looking at those photos, we think it was a good idea.

Those pics were taken by our good friend Patrik Chrastil. We know him for quite a while, therefore the atmosphere was relaxed and we had literally load of laughs. He’s amazing personality indeed. Check out his website jericho.thez.info.

This is just the official part of the promo shooting. We also have a less serious stuff which we will post here over time.

You may also view those photos in our brand new press section.

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