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The Metal Crusade Continues

Hello again!

A new show appears on the horizon. We had originally planned to book a show in Prague soon, but, sadly, there wasn’t any suitable venue available for spring.

We were lucky, though.

Another band’s performance had been cancelled. Almost a classic situation – guitarist working with a chainsaw had an injury. Gosh, when will these people learn? Anyway, the club owner asked if anyone was interested and we made a reservation literally the next minute. Another lucky coincidence is that a great band from Italy, Let Them Fall, is currently on tour and has a vacant day on Saturday 14th (May), which is exactly the date we booked. Finally, since three bands are always better than two, we also invited a local Czech band called Shitstorm to support us.

So, if you missed us, you have now a great possibility to stretch your neck and join the metal crusade again.

We’re really excited about having another opportunity to try our best in front of the best audience in Prague. You’ve earned a bit of reputation during our past show, so try not fail us.

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