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Heavy Symphonic Night

Heavy Symphonic Night
We had a blast at Poldofka last week. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has been a very successful event and we’re thrilled to announce a new show.

And, of course, we’re happy that the premiere of our new song King of the Hill received massive amount of positive feedback. Guess we did better than Powerwolf playing Blessed and Possessed at Masters of Rock three years ago.

The Heavy Symphonic Night

We’re conquering Prague in less than three weeks, fighting alongside the Nightwish tribute band Finnlandia and a symphonic hard rock band Rissla. It’s a great chance for you to see us performing in Prague again. As you know, our main focus is to finish the album, so our booking power has been impaired for the time being. Being invited to a show is always a great opportunity for us to release all the accumulated rage and go berserk on stage.
We hope that the crowd at the Heavy Symphonic Night will be at least as wild as it was on the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. If you want to see the crowd chanting the Jester’s Mask choir, log in and check it out in the Keepers section of FalcarNet.  

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