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Bad news…we have been hacked. Our hosting was nearly forced to shut us down entirely because of the enormous traffic FalcarNet had been exposed. We were just in the mood to finally upload some reports from the studio this evening, but none of us was even able to log in. Luckily, we were able to regain control over the website in several hours and from that point on literally declared war to all the spambots and fake users. A massive purge then occurred and we stopped user registrations for a while. We improved the security of our “Herald of Arms” newsletter service and installed few more services that will help us fighting those undead digital enemies of ours. The bright side of it is that nothing is missing and after we recovered FalcarNet from the backup everything went back to normal We were given a valuable lesson about the importance of defense systems, however.
The studio report will therefore have to be delayed. Sorry about that, but we think you will be able to forgive and understand. We’ll try to post it later this week. Keep on.

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