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Glacial Croon IV Teaser

Hi guys,

you might have heard that we rock at Melodka, Brno on January 17 (ie next weekend if you’re not as good with dates). The basic info is covered in a previously published teaser article, which we recommend you to read if you don’t  know what all this fuzz is about. Long story short, the line-up is (surprisingly) Falcar, Gate Crasher, Tezaura, Anthology and Passion of Hate. We head on stage as the very last band, so please stay at the venue a bit more, else you will miss our maximum overload. We had a first 2015 rehearsal together yesterday an even we were surprised how awesome it sounds…

Anyway, enough of the boasting, the promoters of the event made this cool video teaser. Let’s check it out!

Oh…and Marty found out that he also has a neck pickup on his axe. If you see him moving the switch back and forth like mad during the show, don’t worry. He’ll get bored and stop doing that thing very soon, as we know him. The neck position sounds great along with Patrik’s guitar in some parts, though.

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