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Destiny Changes

Destiny Changes - YouTube video preview

Today we uploaded a new video on Youtube called “Destiny Changes”. Some of you might recognize, that this is the new intro we’ve been using since September. This time, we took our time and did another version with better mix and cinematic video. The message should be pretty straightforward: You hold the key to your own destiny. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Destiny Changes – lyrics

For years we’ve been told who we are
For years we’ve been told where our place is
For years we’ve been told to play our role without hesitation
To live a meaningless life

We have all been deceived

This world is built upon weepers
When they fail, there’s the destiny to blame
Yet there are others who keep trying

The Keepers

Who are you?
Will you keep running away?
Or make your own way through this world
where Destiny Changes?

Although we didn’t plan it at all, the video came out on the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Is this just a coincidence or is it destiny?

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