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Confirmed for Glacial Croon IV

Get ready – we’re going to hit Brno with our Metal Crusade for the very second time!

Our friends from Tezaura invited us to perform along with them at their amazing annual winter event – Glacial Croon vol. IV – and we were only too happy to oblige.

The show will be held at Melodka on December 17, starting at 6:30pm. We’ll be the very last band starting around midnight, but you will most surely find us at the venue from the very beginning, getting warmed up by cold beer or just simply hanging out.  We’ll also check out the rest of the bands and we strongly recommend you to do the same, because it’s really lame to arrive just for the last band. And…do not leave before hearing us either. That sucks, too. So who will be playing with us at Glacial Croon vol.IV?


Our hosts and friends from Brno.  We invited them to Kladno in June and now they’re giving us back that courtesy. If you’re from Brno and haven’t heard of Tezaura before, just ask any local gothic nearby. Their music is as dark and full of terrors as the night itself. Broken puppets screaming in pain, black cats fleeing in terror and an army of undead butterflies trying to steal your soul. If you’re a fan of dark melodic metal or you just like Barbie, this is the band you wanna see live.


A melodic metal band from Slovakia. Their debut album – The Prophecy – was produced by his pumpkin majesty Roland Grapow and it really sounds great! Marty was supposed to write a review about it months ago, but he seems to be somewhat busy these days. Great female vocals and really fast guitar parts is a must-see in your concert schedule.

Gate Crasher

This warmashine is the rightful headliner of Glacial Croon vol. IV and has opened to many great acts, including Iron Maiden, Lordi and even Ozzy Osbourne! It’s not much of a true heavy metal, so don’t expect chanties about mighty wizard’s power (of steel). Yet there are many girls out there listening to mainstream metal, who might all of sudden disappear in the mosh pit.

Passion of Hate

Last, but not least, another symphonic band playing at Glacial Croon with us! Nice string textures like early Nightwish, soft female vocals and the all-present rambling of guitar steam engines. It looks like the whole line-up has been very kind to us and we’re looking forward to see the rest of the bands.

Okay, well…see you in January. If you’d like to join the Facebook event, click on the poster below.
Glacial Croon Volume IV Poster


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