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Hic Sunt Leones pt.I – Chords

Bad news – Christmas is coming.
Christmas has always been a very painful time for all the workaholics in the band. The rehearsals are cancelled, there’s absolutely no chance to grab the axe and smash some chords or spend the whole day working on new material, because you’re supposed to be with your family and celebrate…
Well, enough for the sad part. We just wanted to tell you that we’re all having a great times with our relatives, partying hard and enjoying our holiday to maximum.

And – we have a gift for you. We didn’t want to post stupid pics of the band in silly red clothes tagging virtually everyone on Facebook nor did we want to rape some carols by metalizing it. Not this time. This year, we decided to share with you the chords for Hic Sunt Leones pt. I – The Lion Within. It’s a very special “campfire edition” similar to what Marty is playing on this 2-year-old video.

The way how it’s played at Falcar shows is totally different; the song is transposed to different scales and is full of additional instrument lines, harmonies orchestral arrangements etc., but that’s not was not our intent for this gift.  Most of you don’t even have the orchestra like we do! Therefore we’re just sharing the very raw chords in a very simple scale (with, to your great relief, only one barré chord), so that you can grab a guitar and try to play it at home, ace it around the campfire with friends and so forth. It’s only about your voice and your piece of wood. No additional instruments required (but highly recommended, when you’ll be sitting around the campfire).
So, have a great Christmas, enjoy playing Hic Sunt Leones I and see you next year!

If you click on the image below, you’ll get the PDF version of the chords, so that you might print it and play it one day.

I used to be an adventurer then the luck turned away from me the call of the wild so close to my heart that its voice nearly moved me to tears and awakened the beast hiding in me, moaning heading to the east where true adventure hides Hic sunt leones the words on the sign, we're crossing the line into the no man's land civilisation behind there's nothing to lose and so much to win a challenge for those who have a lion within  The world of stone was never my home play games to remain on the throne the closest of friends, are waiting for chance to stab a knife in your back one night at a feast I had planned my journey and catch’d  a good breeze to grab reins and ride  Chorus 2x

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