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Falcar SigilFor years we’ve been told that rock is finally dead.
For years we’ve been told that it’s not possible to earn a living by making music these days.
For years we’ve been told that we’re not the chosen ones.

But we’re not ready to pack it up yet. In fact, we haven’t even started. Instead of desperation, we asked ourselves what a keeper would do.
So we keep trying.

The story

Our story is utterly unexceptional. A band founded by two brothers with the intention to play hard and never sell out is not anything that wouldn’t have happened in the history of heavy metal before. After couple of tries with bands that were never meant to leave the rehearsal room, Marty and Dave decided to form a more ambitious band. They went through all the struggles every beginner must face and finally started to perform on a regular basis.

The band as we know it today started over in 2012 with Roman and Patrik aboard. Together we defined the new sound of the band. Two screaming guitars, pocket symphonic orchestra and, as Roman once stated, absolutely no women under the lead vocal. We started touring heavily and played as opening acts to bands like Thy Symphony, Artaius, VallorcH or Guardians of Time.

We are guided by the Sign of the Falcon. We strive for its ability to fly unrestrained, to see things from a higher perspective and to discern subtleties with its keen sight. We value freedom more than anything and we’re prepared to stand our ground and fight for it. For only when you’re free, you choose your destiny. That’s why the eye is grasped by claws on the sigil: To remember that there will be struggles – and there will be fight – when your freedom is at stake.

We released our first single “The Metal Crusade” in October 2016. The way was full of struggles and it took us nearly two years to complete the most challenging quest. Still, it’s finished now and anyone in the world can listen to first published fragments of our music.

Now the eye of the falcon has turned its sight towards the recording of the very first album. The next step we need to take on our way to change the destiny.

The band

Patrik KrupičkaPatrik Krupička

Occupation: Guitar

Interests: Music, guitar, LARP, role playing, whitewater, literature & writing, science & technology, universe

Dave PalounekDave Palounek

Occupation: Bass Guitar, vocals

Interests: Swimming, reading, Bujinkan, running, squash

Marty PalounekMarty Palounek

Occupation: Vocals, guitar

Interests: Fantasy, marketing, writing, composing, recording, swimming
…and rockin’ in the free world

Roman SlávikRoman Slávik

Occupation: Drums

Interests: Computers, drums, music, all kinds of simulators
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