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I am Your Destiny – Orchestra Enhanced

Before we can unleash the furious beast, that our drummer Roman most certainly is, and install his hellish drum set in some cozy studio to record his magic, we need to make all the orchestra tracks up-to-date and awesome. It takes literally hundreds of hours (maybe even thousands) to make the orchestra perfect. Continue reading


A New Song – Choosing the Title

Every great song deserves a great title. Some say title is not important at all but I personally think exactly the opposite. It serves as a shortcut, a little something that tells you, what the song might possibly be about. Sometimes, you open a music library with loads of songs and you just don’t know which one to start with.

I remember, when my cousin gave me a pirated DVD of Hammerfall discography (way back in 2003), I didn’t know where to start at all, so I started scanning the titles. “Hmm, there’s an album called Renegade, that sounds cool! Well, there’s even a title song on it! Let’s hear it!” And I loved Hammerfall as a fan ever since listening to that track.

Well, my friends and companions, there’s a new song ahead. I have two titles in mind and have to decide which one to use. This is the excerpt of the lyrics; the chorus, actually. Let’s have a look at it and than you’ll let me know which title sounds better to you, right?

The age of the empire has come to an end
caught in the downfall, we can’t comprehend
that we sold our souls to the mammon
we traded our freedom for greed
and we pledged our allegiance to the lords made of flesh and bones
and their power of silver and steel
So final our fate
when the memories decay
We disappear
no mark
upon the face of the world

As I mentioned, there are two titles in consideration. One is: “Age of the Empire” and the other is: “End of an Empire”.

You’re all welcome to share your opinions! Comment below or let me know directly if you wish so.

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