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Christmas Headliners

This year is slowly nearing its end and we’re gonna play one final show to celebrate the end of the concert season – and Christmas, of course!

As we have been mostly playing short shows lately (stupid police hour), we decided this is the perfect time for a full set. All Falcar songs in the current repertoire will be performed live – and more! It’s nearly a tradition that there will also be a video on the backdrop. Moreover, we have prepared some special effects to enhance the experience. There’s also a new song to be played for the first time in Kladno – it’s called Bloodshed, and it’s probably the wildest and heaviest stuff we have made so far (slayer neck alert – don’t complain after the show – we warned you). Powerwolf would be so proud of us – there’s blood everywhere in the lyrics. Finally, we prepared a special surprise for you at the end of the Poldofka show. We’re not going to tell you what it is, but we’ll definitely want you to participate. Our foursome works really hard to make Falcar great, so it’s now your turn to show us what you’ve got.
That’s basically it. You attend and enjoy yourself. We headline the show, we set the stage and we make the rules. Well, actually, the promoter makes the rules (hi, Eliška!) and we’re just humble servants and we’re paid to rock! Hopefully.

Moving to our more than special guests:

We’ve chosen our guests personally and we’re convinced that you’ll love them, too!

Ravenlaw is one of the best power metal acts in the country. Their frontman Medouch is a living embodiment of Heavy Metal spirit and they play loud and strong. Like us, the guys are obsessed with Fantasy, especially Sword & Sorcery genre. Step through the magic portal into the age of Conan and hanker to the ancient stories long forgotten in the halls of the dark temples of Stygia.

Greymon are one of the very first band we ever shared stage with. As a matter of fact, on the first show with them, there also played a symphonic metal band called Taraq and we were amazed to see a totally crazy man named Roman playing drums. Two years later, we made some personal changes and…well, you know the rest of this story. Back to Greymon. They play Hard Rock and they’re good at their job. Here’s one of their best songs (however their singer hates it). But listen how much the chorus rocks!

Share the event. Invite all your friends.Stretch your neck.  Bring enough gold to get through the gates. And then – JUST KEEP BANGING!

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