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The Northern Crusade

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Another midnight post…this seems to be an ideal time to write and brag about our little crusade. The hour of poets, composers and criminals, when the night is amazingly dark and full of terrors. It really holds the door of our imagination wide open. Okay, no more Game of Thrones allusions, I promise. Raw news only.

Still on crusade

Well, the news. We’re proud to say that our Metal Crusade still continues, although the music video is still in the hands of our director, which delays the whole release of our single. There’s not much we can do about it at this moment, we can only promise that we’ll try to avoid this situation while doing future releases. The single is still veiled in shadows, yet the live shows are shining brightly. This time we come back to Poldofka to play with two of our most beloved Czech bands.


We have to admit we love Wolfarian so much! This is actually the two-years anniversary of our first show in Poldofka together. And it was a badass performance and we have been friends ever since. They are wild, they are passionate and they play some great folk metal using real instruments. Wolfarian is its own animal and that’s what makes them special. Still, we wonder how they are able to feed and manage the wolfpack. Even our humble foursome is occasionally difficult to lead.

Emerald Shine

We had spoken to Emerald Shine before, but our first actual encounter was at the glorious One Tribe Night in Brno at the end of February. Their fantasy symphonic style with a real harp was really enthralling and we were basically begging them to come. Besides, they had the guts to climb up the stage at the end of our show and sing Jester’s Mask with us – the whole band! And that is something that truly earned our respect.

Funny fact: Wolfarian were actually rehearsing the song backstage but they didn’t hear the call and missed the moment. Perhaps they’ll have a second chance in Kladno.

This time, we won’t be doing regular advertising on social networks, web banners etc., but we prepared a very special video for you that is intended to function as a teaser. Here it is. Watch it, share it, love it. It contains excerpts from the Metal Crusade, Wolfarian’s Shade of Victory and Dance Beneath the Stars by Emerald Shine. In addition, Marty composed a short instrumental piece to create a more cinematic mood for the narration of the show’s story.

The story is very simple: Each band sounds different, we walk different ways, yet we all want to achieve the same ultimate goal. We also have something in common when it comes to music; you may find it influenced by history, folk music and of course heavy metal.

The show will be held at Poldofka, Kladno on Saturday, June 11. It starts at 7:30PM and has admission of mere 100CZK. Don’t forget to keep rockin’! We’re looking forward to meet you again in the ranks of our Heavy Metal Crusade!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our poster. We combined part of the Metal Crusade single artwork with the female warrior from Wolfarian’s album booklet. It’s what this show is going to be about. Folk metal meets heavy metal and they both march as allies to a valiant battle.

Falcar Wolfarian Emerald Shine


The Metal Crusade Continues

Hello again!

A new show appears on the horizon. We had originally planned to book a show in Prague soon, but, sadly, there wasn’t any suitable venue available for spring.

We were lucky, though.

Another band’s performance had been cancelled. Almost a classic situation – guitarist working with a chainsaw had an injury. Gosh, when will these people learn? Anyway, the club owner asked if anyone was interested and we made a reservation literally the next minute. Another lucky coincidence is that a great band from Italy, Let Them Fall, is currently on tour and has a vacant day on Saturday 14th (May), which is exactly the date we booked. Finally, since three bands are always better than two, we also invited a local Czech band called Shitstorm to support us.

So, if you missed us, you have now a great possibility to stretch your neck and join the metal crusade again.

We’re really excited about having another opportunity to try our best in front of the best audience in Prague. You’ve earned a bit of reputation during our past show, so try not fail us.

The Metal Crusade Continues Poster

Upcoming shows

No shows booked at the moment.


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