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Thunder in the Silence

Yet another metal crusade approaches! And this one is going to be special in every aspect, hence we break our silence, joining the raging night full of heavy metal thunder. Back in our hometown, we require only the sturdiest crowd Kladno has to offer. And we shall soon get it.

An act of courage

Normally, concert agencies, promoters or bands themselves are deemed responsible  for the show organization. This particular event, so mightily called Thunder Night (We just love the hammer pictured on the poster, do you?), is organized by our friend, who invited her favourite bands to her hometown. It requires a lot of courage and determination to start something like this and she has our salutation, admiration and support.

The story is nice and neat and the show seems to be both promising and ambitious. We would be honored to share stage with acts such as Dark GambaleMorčata na Útěku and Dexor. And, of course, we look forward to playing in front of the amazing crowd only Kladno is able to offer (and delivers every fucking time).

Since it’s kind of a big event, there’s an advance booking. Consider getting your tickets early enough, the club capacity is not inflatable. There are several ways to obtain tickets which are described on the official event Facebook page. We promised our friend, that we’d help her with the event promotion as much as possible. You can therefore write Davey (his e-mail address is dave@falcar.net)  and he will get you tickets and arrange the pickup.

Help us spread the word

Moreover, if you’re a local Keeper and would like to put your hand to the plow, you’re more than welcome to do so! Every little help is appreciated. Volunteers may refer to Davey’s e-mail as well. No marriage proposals this time, please.


One Tribe Night Impressions

One Tribe Night by Michaela Hermanova The crowd at One Tribe Night. Courtesy of Michaela Hermanová Photography

Last Saturday, we played an immense show in the heart of Brno. The event was held by the goblin tribe Snaga and we must admit that they managed it to be really impressive! Upon entering the venue, two goblin mannequins clad in full armour were guarding a subtle guy, who was checking our tickets. The merch table was full of boar tusks, wood and metal and the stage was decorated by a pair of beautiful totems made of animal skulls and other epic stuff, each placed on one side of the scene.

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