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The Night of the Goblins

Do you like Goblins?
We do! And we’d like to announce an event, that is actually going to be all about them.
The goblin clan Snaga orchestrated a night full of heavy metal (along with our good friends Wolfarian) and we’re really happy that we’ve been invited to participate. It’s gonna take place on February 2 at Melodka, Brno.

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A brief introduction of Snaga and One Tribe follows. If you wish to know more about One Tribe, visit the clan page jedenkmen.cz

It’s a multi-genre artistic project linking traditional crafts, atmospheric photography and ambient music played on acoustic instruments. The main subject of the narrative is a goblin tribe named Uruki, the environment is greatly influenced by the work of J.R.R Tolkien as well as LARP games. By its spectacular and enchanting visage, the project attempts to cross the borders of the genre and address broader public. Let yourselves be drawn into a fantastic world of One tribe, which excels by its realistic portrayal and a charming dark beauty.

The Goblin Crew

Well, this is gonna be fun, is it not? What’s even more interesting, is the line-up of the show:

  1. Wolfarian: Our good friends characterize themselves as eight-plus-eight-legged folk metal pack from Brno combining delicate woman voice and a brutal man growl. You might haven’t yet heard, that every single one of them is a full-time member of Skyrim’s finest warriors called The Companions. They keep peace in the realm and from time to time hunt living prey as werewolves.
  2. Alia Tempora: Some really serious symphonic metal, also from Brno. Beware, the voice of their singer can be quite seductive and has a chance to stun with 50 minutes cooldown. The band crew members are also big fans of mathematics, because they named their last album after one of geometric bodies.
  3. Emerald Shine: A big gun full of symphony, inspired by fantasy, nature and various other stuff. If you’re a fan of the mystical sound of the harp, then this is a must-see.

The Challenge

Just to remind you…right now, you’re on FalcarNet! So it’s natural that WE are gonna be there as well.

Moreover, we’ve been challenged by both Wolfarian and Alia Tempora to compete for The Wildest Band of the Night achievement. Don’t let us down, come to Brno and get really crazy!

Oh, and by the way: Since it’s a challenge, everything is permitted. So we forged the official poster to make our logo look bigger. We also told everyone that the majority of our songs is actually inspired by goblins – i.e. Death on Black Wings is supposed to be about goblin tribe trying to survive a dragon attack, Unchained could be about a goblin and his path to freedom, there’s also a possibility of Hic Sunt Leones being about a goblin who wants to return to wilderness. Obviously, Clarion Call is about goblins marching to Helm’s Deep…as you see, it really is an advantage to have lyrics with many meanings. If you wish to see goblins in the songs, you see them 😉

If you’re in the mood for sharing the event, be a Keeper, share the forged poster below and help us change the destiny!
One Tribe Night Poster


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