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Last Show of the Year

Gather your Keepers!

That was the order 666 we got just few days ago. The band manager of La Belle Damned called us and said they wanted us to play with them in December – therefore we decided that this year deserves one last savage blow. For those about to rock, you’re now given a chance to savour your heavy metal nightmare right before Christmas. Marty is pretty busy finishing his studies these days and failed to find an available venue for the end of the year (and he really sucks at booking shows anyway), so a request from another band was like a miracle right from the skies. You wanted us to rock before Christmas and we really like the music of La Belle Damned, so you can assume the show was pretty easy to arrange.

The Show

The pit fight will be held at the renowned battlegrounds of Exit-us, Prague, on the 18th December. So far, we know that Falcar and La Belle Damned will meet on stage, but it’s possible that some another act might join us on that unholy evening. We haven’t performed since October and we’re really missing your shouting and screaming, so be prepared to be torn into pieces by our guitar trinity.
Be damn sure La Belle Damned will also try their best. In case you’re not familiar with them, here’s some basic info:

La Belle Damned is an international five piece symphonic metal band, combining soaring female vocals with driving riffs and swirling synth. The
band draws on influences ranging from Nightwish and Kamelot to Pink Floyd and Anathema, interlacing driving melodies with evocative lyrics.
Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well, you can have them tested and measured at Exit-us show. You can as well watch their teaser right now.
And, by the way, if you’re wondering about the current status quo of the Metal Crusade single release, we’re waiting for the music video to be cut. Misfortune goes all the way along the video production, machines and people failing alike. Right now, there’s no way we could possibly hurry things up. But you shall have it – hopefully soon.
See you all in Exit-us.
Falcar + La Belle Damned Exit-us Poster
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