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Welcome, fellow listener!

It seems you’ve just arrived to our online realm.  May your journey be safe and your stay pleasant. Old companions will surely find their way through our online dominion easily, but in case you haven’t heard about Falcar before, consider reading following lines:

About Falcar

We’re a Heavy Metal Symphony band, which basically means that our guitars are screaming loud, our singer sings melodically instead of growling and we have an entire orchestra behind our backs. Or, most of the time, a sampled orchestra, which is a lot cheaper and also easier to carry between our shows.

On our trail, we are greatly inspired by the genre of fantasy, but please don’t ask us where your dragons are. We don’t write about dragons, wizards or undead unicorns. Even if we did, you’d have to read between the lines to see them. We do, however, take something from the stories and put it in our lyrics – freedom.  The freedom of choice, allowing you to do anything you can imagine, be what you want and live by your own rules. Many tales are based upon changing one’s destiny, but most of us forget as we grow old. We become weepers, saying that destiny cannot be changed. But there are people who prove us wrong all the time. We decided to call them Keepers.

We in Falcar dream of becoming a top-class metal band, which is not an easy quest indeed. You certainly have your own dream to chase. So let us all become Keepers and remind others what they all once knew: Destiny changes.

Falcar Band Promo by Patrik Chrastil

Your next steps through the Falcar realm

If you want to find out more about our quest or the guys on the picture above, consider reading our biography. For more information about what’s happening with the band right now, check out our news section. We also tour quite often; take a look at the list of our shows, maybe we’ll perform somewhere close to you soon. There are writers and journalists among us, so we dedicated them a press section. Even if you’re not one of them, there are some cool pictures and stuff you might take an interest in. Want to invite Falcar to play at your own event? See what it takes at our production page. Do you wish to stay in touch? Like our Facebook page or our Instagram account, follow us on Twitter or contact us directly.

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